The Uniqueness of a Relationship


In 2014 Focus on the Family reported that the top subject people wanted counselling for was communication and conflict. 970 Ontario residents requested a counsellor to talk about communication and conflict within relationships according to Mayda Wong from Focus on the Family.

From the womb to the grave relationships make our lives. They can be complicated or simple and yet reflect values that are important to each person. Achieving healthy relationships that have been dysfunctional requires the help of a professional to achieve a balanced life.

Relationships are wrapped in emotional attributes such as love, honesty, caring, faith, courage and family ties. As unique as each relationship is it exists because of a miraculous energy drawing them together. People experience happiness, sadness, anger and grief along with a whole rainbow of other emotions. Healthy relationships within the human family are interwoven and give meaning to our existence.

Relationships are colorful, intriguing and everyone has an unique story to tell that will tickle one’s curiosity.

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