Relationships and Alcohol

Are you and your partner fighting to the point that your love is wearing thin and leading towards a breaking-up?  Seeing a therapist is the best choice to give a new perspective for understanding this self defeating behaviour.

Each person is complex and possesses years of habits, ways of thinking and coping. There comes a point when one’s coping mechanisms are no longer working.  Usually there are deeper issues of self concept and emotional pain covered up by the use of alcohol.  Unfortunately alcohol is never your friend because it destroys brain cells and injuries your body.

High functioning alcoholics find it hard to admit and ask for help. Some have to hit bottom and be emotionally exhausted from fighting their emotionally pain before getting the help they need.  Unless they allow a therapist to help them with their emotional pain they will continue to drink and mask the pain with its numbing effects. This can mean that a crisis period will be experienced and professionals may be asked to help perform the miracle of getting them back to their old self.  They need to realize they need a new self to cope and enjoy life better which includes the abstinence of alcohol for healing of the body, mind and emotions.

The answer is to focus on a healthy lifestyle along with positive management of thoughts and feelings. Once the root problem is discovered through Psychotherapy, healing is faster because there is a proper understanding of what created the problem. Exploring expectations, values and boundaries helps provide more insight into beliefs, thoughts and actions.  Assertive training can also help improve self-confidence.

Be prepared to invest in your mental health and develop a supportive network of friends and family members that do not drink and will not enable you. Individuals with a concurrent disorder need to give themselves time to experience a recovery that is permanent.

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