No Desire for Poison

Wow it is end of January already!  What about the new year’s resolutions?  Did you make any or have they already been accomplished?   Last year research reported that alcohol causes cancer, did you hear that?  It seems to me that eliminating alcohol from our lifestyle would be the immediate response. If research has found the reason for cancer then great, let’s follow the advice and avoid its usage. Just think there is no longer a need to fund cancer research so that means no more fundraising runs, walks or polar bear events to earn money for cancer research. We also learned how dangerous sugar is to our health from another piece of research that brought this to our attention.

Ever wonder what it is about the alcohol that causes the cancer? I think it is the fermentation process which involves sugar and a fruit or grain to react to make the alcohol and its flavours. The fermentation process is really one of rotting or souring a normal food. The body does not deal well with fermented foods because of the breakdown of its molecular structure.  Sugar is considered a poison as is alcohol, that’s a double hit on the body. It directly attacks the frontal lobe altering one’s ability to think clearly and impairs the judgment plus all the rest of the body.

Alcohol affects how we communicate with each other in a detrimental way. I teach anger management classes and the majority of people in attendance had been using alcohol at the time of their arrest and being charged. If alcohol played no role in the incident they probably would not have been charged or have to attend an anger management class, which the court or a lawyer recommends.

As a Registered Psychotherapist, addiction counsellor and Registered Practical Nurse I know that obtaining a correct diagnosis is difficult because alcohol and drugs mimic each other’s symptoms.  Some eventually are diagnosed with a dual diagnosis meaning they have an addiction and a mental illness. The professional argument of whether a mental illness or an addiction comes first has been ongoing. Abstaining from drugs and alcohol helps professional make the correct mental illness diagnosis.

Let 2017 be a turning point in your life, free of alcoholic beverages and drugs.  Remember, if you do not buy it you will not drink it or use it.  Choose to save your money for a better use and send all the sellers of mind altering substances a very clear message that there is no demand for poison in our society.

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