Marijuana: Shove it up your Ass

Yesterday the Globe and Mail published an article on medical Marijuana that is being smoked and how it is a health hazard to individuals and our environment. It was recommended that marijuana would be more effective if inserted into the anus as opposed to being smoked.

Marijuana is a risk to society; read the statistics from this link The Truth About Marijuana.
Remember buying weed on the street is dangerous. It could be laced with substances that will kill you. How many friends do you know died because of this purchase? Don’t take the chance. Make a better choice and choose a lifestyle that will be an awesome example for the younger generation.​

Justin Trudeau has open the floodgate with the promise of legalizing Marijuana. More detriment will occur than good to our country because of this decision.  More money will be spent on law enforcement and increased costs of health care due to its harmful properties. More deaths will occur and more grief will be experienced. This gives more work for the Psychotherapist who will help families through the grief and their feelings of helplessness.  Thanks for the work Justin.

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