Largest Substance Abused Worldwide

Sleep is to refresh and energize a person to meet the day’s activities.  When a good night’s sleep is not experienced then what do people do to perk themselves up?  Yes, a substance called coffee!!

According to Grossman, M. I. in his article, Physiologic Approach to Medical Management of Duodenal Ulcer, 10.5 ounces of coffee provokes an increased output of hydrochloric acid for more than an hour in normal persons.  For one with an ulcer the effect is greater and lasts more than two hours.  The Trimethyl Xanthine in coffee stimulates acid secretion in the stomach, aids in ulcer production, aggravates existing ulcer and interferes with healing in one under treatment.

Coffee produces higher incidence of stomach cancer with more than five cups a day.  It is habit forming and headaches are experienced when withdrawing from it.  Caffeinism is the new disease according to Rest & Taylor in Physiological Basis of Medical Practice. It produces psychiatric symptoms like anxiety neurosis, which can be eliminated by not drinking coffee. Other side effects from withdrawal are insomnia, agitation and restlessness.

Caffeine splits chromosomes of cells so they are not able to repair injuries.  This is called the Mutagenic Effect and it interferes with the repair of DNA. Pregnant women are told not to drink coffee because it crosses the placenta and affects the unborn child.  When the child is born it has an immature liver with underdeveloped enzymes, which are needed for caffeine detoxification.

Other damaging results from drinking coffee are: it increases the risk of bladder cancer with four or more cups per day, raises the blood pressure and heart rate, increases blood coagulation increasing the risk of coronary thrombosis.  It lowers the level of special enzyme lipase, which removes fats from the blood.

Some think the benefit of coffee, like their increase in the mental speed for arithmetic and typing, but it impairs motor coordination.  It has been proven that its hang over effect of improved mental efficiency fell off below normal from one to three hours after drinking coffee.

As you can see it is not worth the taste and false belief that you need a coffee in the morning or any other time to feel better. Energize yourself with better positive self talk and if you cannot do that, then call your Psychotherapist for help.

Helen Northcott, MA, RP, CCC
Registered Psychotherapist

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