Conquer Liquor Before It Conquers You

Welcome to a new year of fresh starts. Let’s determine to live better and be healthier. Think about having a Psychotherapist help you with your emotional renovations in 2017.

While living in Chatham, Ontario I met a lady who had a bad experience with alcohol and men.  She wrote this poem which I will share with you to ponder as we go into the new year.

Men with All Their Liquor
Margaret Crowder

Men with all their “Liquor”
Are like swine with all their swill
They lack the sense and power
Of respect and true self-will.

They can be so polite and pleasant,
When they keep away from drink
But when they hit the skid-row trail,
They haven’t brains to think,

They think one minute they’re in love,
But soon it turns to hate,
For the swilling wine that runs their mind
Proves falsely when too late.

They can build a lady up on dreams,
Of a world of love and light,
And when she thinks she’s found her life
It’s vanished out of sight.

Just a castle built on dreams,
How grand, if could be true,
But what a heartbreak when it fails,
Becomes a future, Oh, so blue.

If only life could be more plain,
Not built on false pretense,
Would be much better world to live in
More love with God’s defense.

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