Choose To Live and Prevent Self Harm

Many have developed the habit of desiring drugs for a high risking harm to themselves.  In British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario synthetic Opioids like Fentanyl and W – 18 are making the news about how many they are killing. There have been 54 deaths in BC due to Fentanyl this year. Fentanyl is 100 times more toxic than Morphine. W – 18 is a deadly synthetic opioid and is legal because the government has not put it on the list of Controlled substances. Until that is done law enforcement has no power to arrest and convict those possessing and selling it.

Dr. Laura Calhoun with the Alberta Health Services states W – 18 has no medical use and is a serious problem in case of an overdose. W – 18 is 100 times stronger than Fentanyl and is not part of routine drug testing and cannot be detected in urine drug tests. W – 18 is an opioid and Naloxone can be used to temporarily reverse the effects of an overdose. Very few are getting this because in BC over 200 have died in 3 months. The toxicity of this W – 18 powder will put a population at risk if it becomes airborne. Knowing this governments need to move quickly to get it on the controlled substances list so law enforcement can protect the public.

Choose to live by making a decision to take care of yourself, knowing that you are valued and worth attention and time for self care. Start by making a new habit that is small and grows with repetition.  B. J. Fogg speaks on  A Tiny Habit as a TED talk.

Enjoy listening to Fogg’s helpful advice about changing your choices and behaviours. For further assistance contact Helen at 416-702-2447 to set up an appointment for psychotherapy that can help you meet your goals for self improvement.

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