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  • Choose To Live and Prevent Self Harm

    Many have developed the habit of desiring drugs for a high risking harm to themselves.  In British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario synthetic Opioids like Fentanyl and W – 18 are making the news about how many they are killing. There have been 54 deaths in…

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  • Treatment for Dual Diagnosis in the Community

    To have a Dual Diagnosis means having a mental health condition and an addiction.  As I prepare for my “Mental Health Comes First” presentation at the International Dual Diagnosis convention next month in Chicago, I am pleased to learn that the treatment of…

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  • Relationships and Alcohol

    Are you and your partner fighting to the point that your love is wearing thin and leading towards a breaking-up?  Seeing a therapist is the best choice to give a new perspective for understanding this self defeating behaviour. Each person is complex and possesses…

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  • Calm Your Nerves

    Families today are under pressure to keep their relationships relevant and their love growing.  For many when work and family responsibilities become too much they reach for a stimulant to keep them going such as coffee, tea, beer, alcoholic beverages, marijuana…

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