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  • Largest Substance Abused Worldwide

    Sleep is to refresh and energize a person to meet the day’s activities.  When a good night’s sleep is not experienced then what do people do to perk themselves up?  Yes, a substance called coffee!! According to Grossman, M. I. in his article, Physiologic…

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  • Conquer Liquor Before It Conquers You

    Welcome to a new year of fresh starts. Let’s determine to live better and be healthier. Think about having a Psychotherapist help you with your emotional renovations in 2017. While living in Chatham, Ontario I met a lady who had a bad experience with alcohol…

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  • No Desire for Poison

    Wow it is end of January already!  What about the new year’s resolutions?  Did you make any or have they already been accomplished?   Last year research reported that alcohol causes cancer, did you hear that?  It seems to me that eliminating alcohol from…

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  • Marijuana: Shove it up your Ass

    Yesterday the Globe and Mail published an article on medical Marijuana that is being smoked and how it is a health hazard to individuals and our environment. It was recommended that marijuana would be more effective if inserted into the anus as opposed to being…

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