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  • Calm Your Nerves

    Families today are under pressure to keep their relationships relevant and their love growing.  For many when work and family responsibilities become too much they reach for a stimulant to keep them going such as coffee, tea, beer, alcoholic beverages, marijuana…

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  • Alcohol Verses Psychotherapy

    In the anger management classes I teach I have attendees complete the form about the Cost of Anger in its various forms. It is always interesting to see how much money was spent due to alcohol being part of a situation. The comparison showed that very little was…

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  • Recovering from Spiritual Illness

    Many struggle with the meaning of spirituality and religiosity.  Many want to be spiritual but not connected with a religion or church.  Some past experience with people within a religion or church may cause you to painted all churches with the same brush and…

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  • Largest Substance Abused Worldwide

    Sleep is to refresh and energize a person to meet the day’s activities.  When a good night’s sleep is not experienced then what do people do to perk themselves up?  Yes, a substance called coffee!! According to Grossman, M. I. in his article, Physiologic…

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